Bae is the bees knees ❤️💋

Bae is the bees knees ❤️💋

My bae is the bees knees.❤️💋

My bae is the bees knees.❤️💋



"maybe you wouldnt be so tired if you went to bed earl-"


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Missing Pieces

My blood starts to boil,
All I can do is write these words for you,
Nothing makes sense, that won’t cease now,
We’re lost in the moment, till we’re let down,
By the time you hear the news,
You’ll be at the alter alone,
By the time you tie that noose,
I’ll already be gone,

I couldn’t save the world if it handed me the answer,
I couldn’t save our love if it had no expiration,

What am I even doing in this part of my mind?
I don’t belong here and I’m left behind,
My thoughts evaporate and my body starts to shake,
You wouldn’t understand if I gave the pieces missing,
You wouldn’t understand if I gave you the heart I’m missing,

I can’t wake up from a dream I cannot end,
You walked in my life, and fell in my arms,
I thought you never meant it,
I thought this was pretend,
I can’t not love you now, or let you go,
I’ve lost my mind and heart and soul,
I won’t wake up, I can’t wake up,

Dear lover, dear part of me I need,
You write me love songs in my sleep,
You play me notes no one can beat,
You bring my body to my knees,
You melt my heart and then refreeze,
I’m lost in this moment,
I’m lost in this,


You’d think I’m huffing paint,
Cause I so often say,
I’d rather die than live,
In a world so very grey,
I see the stars are shinning,
They do not grant my wishes,
I stare blankly at this wall,
Thinking of my failed missions,
Life isn’t full of happiness,
It’s just a stack of shit,
You live to live and die,
I guess that’s what living is,
No regret? How about to no respect,
For any body here,
Who don’t have broken neck,



Am I loli enough yet???

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me everyday:


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me trying to flirt with a nerd


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its so sad that every boy who dresses remotely nice is labeled as gay like thts not even offensive to gay people it just means straight boys dress like shit 

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