I just want to be slightly drunk, half naked, and completely on top of someone.

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can’t wait for the release of jurassic park 4D where they just let dinosaurs loose in the theater and you have to try to survive for 2 hours

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"You’re scared of the way I make you feel because you don’t want to feel anything."

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Just this once, could you do what I said?
Cause I’ve been here for awhile, and I know what’s in your head,
Don’t think too quick, take steady steps along,
Cause when you think that you’re right, you’re probably wrong,

You chose to be here, so follow the my lead,
We’re all built for more, in the end we all bleed,
If the smoke ever clears, you might finally see,
What mistakes that you made, and why bones break so easily,

They left me here, even when I gave them their hope,
You can never tell, who will run and who won’t,

Stop running your mouth, like you know how to talk,
All you speak is words, that mean nothing at all,
I’m not trying to hurt you, but keep you alive,
Keep your head straight, don’t follow their lies,


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End my bloodline, end my shame,
End my worry, end my pain,
Cut throats, dead ends,
I have failed, before I began,


I’ve been thinking about killing myself,
All mother fucking day,
You can say I will be fine
But the proof is in the pieces,
That I lost inside my mind,
I’m a soul lost in time,
Skin me alive and hang me for the freak show,
I won’t stop, until my blood stops its flow,


Zeros and Ones

I knew it wasn’t real,
I knew I couldn’t feel,
Anything thing at all,
Until my skin met the steal,

I knew it had to be fake,
Everything that you say,
It shakes my bones,
Until they all just break,

You’re a mother fucking disease,
You’re a heart break, heart wrenching,
Don’t say hello, only walk away,
You’re all I ever wanted, you only want one thing,

Heart break, seen in your eyes,
Before you even spoke, I should’ve said goodbye,
Hold on, to the tip of your tongue,
All you speak is lies, it’s just zeros and ones,

Wait, I need to tell you something,
You turned me into nothing,
I was born a monster,
You rearranged my skeleton,


You had a dream,

I’m sure you forgot, but I remember,

We watched the time pass on the television,

Counting down, until the bombs go off,