Something tells me,
I was born to be broke,
Because every bone in my body,
Fails to keep hold,

I lose myself and I’m never found,
I lay to waste and let the dirt mold my crown,

There is no kingdom on earth,
There is no kingdom in heaven,

I don’t want the angels to take to away,
Lead me to my coffin, and close it today,

Let me rest, my mind needs ease,
Let me rest, my body will find peace,


Breathing is hard enough, without you breathing down my neck,
We could of had more, now I want nothing but the pillow under my head,
The way that you looked, when you told me I mattered,
It never meant more, and now it’s been shattered,
Left me with dust and dirty on my dreams,
I knew you were special, by how bad you hurt me,
I knew you were special, I didn’t think you’d leave,
Like I was nothing, like I was dead,
You were the notes to my music, now you’re the voice is in my head,

Screaming at me, end it all and fade away,
You told me you loved me, you always said you’d stay,
Do I miss you, or do I want you out of my mind?
I want you to vanish, and be forgotten in time,
Heart broken? Hardly, but I’m getting very close,
Heart spoken, daily, here’s an overdose,

I don’t want to see the smile that you wear,
When you ripped mine from my face,
Now you could never tell it was there,

I don’t want your words piercing my ears,
When you speak, stay silent, 
Oh god, why won’t you disappear?

Waking up is hard enough, without you haunting my dreams,
The smell of you skin, and the taste of your memory,
All you ever did was hurt me, and all I ever did was say it was worth it,
Each day, I wake up, I look in the mirror and I curse it,
You’re never enough, for the people you love,
You’re never enough, to make them stay,
No matter how hard you beg and you plead,
I’ll never be enough, to bring you back to me,

And I don’t even love you,
And I don’t even miss you,
And I honestly hate you,
One day, I’ll forget you,


This Hole Is Home

Step back before I blow up in your face,
I gotta say this now, before I lose my place,
I can’t be apart of your life that you’re living,
You made me sick, I should have seen it from the beginning,
There’s no point to any of this, 
You have no morals, and you only resist,
I couldn’t help you, even if I tried,
I’m going two steps back if I let you inside,
It’s worthless to call you mine,
I had a little hope but it has finally died,

Now I gotta wake up, from the lie I’m in,
Fall back to sleep, and bathe in my sin,
I’m just fine, with dying alone,
You may have been heaven, 
But you dug me a hole,
And you pushed me in,
And now it’s home,

You can’t stop me, or change my mind,
You’re a waste of fucking air, and a sight for sore eyes,
So perfect, but your flaws exceed,
You may be an angel but you’re a demon to me,
So stop this, and shut your mouth,
You can’t fix the broken, when you’ve broken me down,
Don’t blame me, for what you’ve done,
I didn’t cause a scene but I’ll murder one,

Now I gotta wake up, from the lie I’m in,
Fall back to sleep, and bathe in my sin,
I’m just fine, with dying alone,
You may have been heaven, 
But you dug me a hole,
And you pushed me in,
And now it’s home,



I got so use to being alone,
Because I was alone everywhere I went,
And I found no purpose in anything I did,
Because there’s no purpose to breathing in,
Maybe I could hold my breath for a couple years,
Maybe a century, in hopes I’d find something,
Anything that was worth staying alive for,
In that time, I found nothing, 
Except for more reasons to end this war,

It’s a war inside my brain,
It doesn’t make sense to you,
Cause it’s not your blood and these aren’t your veins,
You called me crazy, for wanting to be something else,
I never wanted to be a human, I’m an in secure shell,

You can’t tell me the meaning of life, and no one can,
So what’s the meaning of life, and why is it so hard to be human?
Opening my eyes is hard, but keeping them from closing is worse,
When all I want to do is give my body back to the dirt,

I just want to return to the home I left,
I just want to find peace outside of existence,
There is no peace in humanity,
And there will never be,

When it rains, it pours,
These are my words as water,


Home is where the heart is,
Well, I have no heart, so I am homeless,
Every night I rest my head, in this coffin that is my bed,
I will rise, and I will stand, but soon to return again,
I live not to gain, I only live till I am slain,
When I die, if by suicide, don’t think yourself to blame,

Manic depressive, mannequin compressed,
Inside my skin, that I only exist,
I sleep, I wake, I drive, for nothing,
I try, I fail, I breathe, for the sake of breathing,

When my heart stops beating,
I’ll be at peace, tired of breathing,


Pulled Out

Oh, you turned me on, just to turn me off,
It felt so good, right before the drop,
I smiled the whole way down,
Just to hide the truths that you had found,
I should have never let you in,
I won’t make that mistake again,
You were a liar, and I was so naive,
Lusted after you, and what you made me believe,
I called you my soul mate,
Well now you’re who my soul hates,

You pulled in, I should’ve pulled out,
You had the chain, you locked me down,
But that was a lie too, now do you ever tell the truth?

You turned me on, and turned me off,
Just like a switch, and you left me on, for way too long,
Now the powers going out, and I’m left in the dark,
And my only hope left is a candle to light my heart,
What should have I expected?
You had a whole other life, you already neglected,
I dug this whole deeper with every step towards you,
I buried myself alive, with how much I adored you,

That’s what I get, for letting you in,

You pulled in, I should’ve pulled out,
With the chain on my neck, so tightly wrapped around,
You kicked the chair, just to watch me gasp for air,

You never, never, ever, told the truth,
Oh, forever, and ever, I will hate you,


I spend my nights in purgatory,
They send no light to search for me,
I breathe the air, still empty lungs,
I bleed the blood, of my loved ones,

Every night I die over and over,
Each morning I rise to fight again,
I don’t belong here, this is not my war,
Tore my heart from my chest,
You hold my life in your hands,
Do you crush me, or stare into the abyss?

I won’t wake up until I’ve won,
I’m not getting any further,
I’m stuck running forever,
Starring into the sky of my mother,
She stares back, but holds no answer,

Hell hath no wrath like a burden worn,
A promise to fight, and die for my lord,
With safety guarantied to the very end,
Self sacrifice, and buried in my sin,

You have forsaken me, 

I wasted my life, you forced me to live,
Tortured by demons, that only exist, to make my life a living hell


Story time

If I’m dying, I’m trying,

I can’t un-write these words, they are meant forever,
Twisting in my dreams, when we were once together,
Holding in, my deepest breath, the cold chill comes,
I can feel it in her chest,
She never meant a word she spoke in to my ear,
Each day passed and she had planned to disappear,
All hope and faith I had was false,
What did I do to bring this upon myself?
The storm is coming, and you were my shade,
My protection has abandon me and left to waste,

Keeping my eyes open, I see the world for what you prove,
You are the wickedness that haunts my body,
I felt your grasp as you chewed right through,
You ripped apart my rib cage, and took what you came for,
My beating heart in your hand, why do you look so unsure?

I met you in a dim lit place,
Doubt was far kept from your face,
Your smile held a deep dark tone,
I felt you pull me when I was cold,
Higher than the clouds could fly,
You filled me with passion just to watch me die,

There was no other way,
I couldn’t believe you,
I fell into your trap of pain,
I told you I would never leave you,
You sucked me up with your teary eyes,
Broken heart, a fierce disguise, 
So much wasted time, 
So much filth in my mind,
I can feel my hatred surfacing,
I long to bring you suffering,

Tear her body to shreds,
Make her bleed and shave her head,
Crucify her above the town,
Shed the blood of the harlot now,
Tear her lungs out of her chest,
Watch her suffocate and bring her back from the dead,
I need to watch you die again,
I need to watch you die,


Make that bitch bleed, from her fucking mouth,
Clamp her jaws open, rip each tooth out,
Tear each fingernail from each finger,
Pour salt on her face and make her suffer,
This is the creature my mother warned me about,
Succubus, leaving me with nothing but my doubts,
I’m happily cutting each centimeter of you to shreds,
When her heart stops, jump start that bitch back from the dead,
So I can kill you again,

Make that bitch bleed from every orifice,
Set her hair on fire and douse her with kerosene,
The most beautiful flames I have ever seen,
Burning my problems into ashes,
Turning my pain into passion,
You get what you deserve, when you fuck with me,
You learn the truly how to hurt, fucking bleed,

Cut her body into tiny pieces, feed them to her family,
Cut her cunt out of her, what a divine tragedy,
Bathe her in salt, and dress her for the funeral,
Bury her alive, this is a fucking miracle,

Fuck you, you diseased fucking tramp,
This couldn’t have been better, I’m happy where I am,
Fucking choke on your lies tonight,
Open up wide and you see the light,
Turn to darkness, and ripped from your eyes,
The devil has been waiting to eat you alive,
Fuck that